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Teaching Assistant in Biochemistry

Qatar University

Job Description

Teaching Assistant in Biochemistry

Qatar University Profile:

Qatar University is the national institution of higher education in Qatar. It provides high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare competent graduates, destined to shape the future of Qatar. The university community has diverse and committed faculty that teaches and conduct research, which addresses relevant local and regional challenges, advances knowledge, and contributes actively to the needs and aspirations of society.

Qatar University is an intellectual and scholarly community characterized by open discussion, the free exchange of ideas, respectful debate, and a commitment to rigorous inquiry. All members of the University - faculty, staff, and students - are expected to advance the scholarly and social values embodied by the university.

College Profile:

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) houses nine departments, covering a wide range of undergraduate specializations in the Arts and Sciences including English Literature and Linguistics, Arabic Language, Mass Communication, History, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, International Affairs, Policy, Planning and Development, Statistics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. The College also houses Master Programs, which are M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, M.A. in Gulf Studies, M.A. in Arabic Language and Literature, M.Sc. in Materials Science and Technology, and M.Sc. in Applied Statistics. In addition to a PhD in Biological and Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Gulf Studies. Additionally, the College offers a Program of Arabic for Non- Native Speakers. Also, there are two established research centers namely the Center for Sustainable Development and the Gulf Studies Center.

It is worth mentioning that as members of Qatar University, CAS faculty members have excellent opportunities to secure internal and external funding for their research ideas. Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) is major source of research funding, with individual project funding limit exceeding 600,000 $/ project and student research funding programs. As the national and largest University in the country, Qatar University is the recipient of most of QNRF awards, with many research- active faculty members able to win multiple grants.

Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences Profile:

The “Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences” consists of two programs, Chemistry and Geology. The B.Sc. degree program in chemistry is accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC). The department currently is a home of more than 50 staff members (30 full-time faculty members with expertise in all areas of chemistry, 8 teaching assistants, and 14 technicians). We strive to build a generation equipped with knowledge, competence and modern and comprehensive education in chemistry. The department currently has more than 200 students. In addition, it offers courses to various programs in Qatar University including Biology, Environmental Science, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Human Nutrition, Medicine and Pharmacy. The department is facilitated with a wide range of modern instrumentation including ICP-MS, LC-MS, GC-MS, and UV and IR spectrophotometers. The department has been collaborating with both the national and international communities as the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC, UK), the American Chemical Society (ACS, USA), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in numerous aspects, Fields of collaboration include: organizing symposiums and public lectures and by hosting workshops and symposia together with other international communities. The majority of the faculty members are active in teaching and research and several have been awarded major funding from the Qatar National Research Fund.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Assist in teaching and preparing laboratory courses in Biochemistry and General Chemistry.
  2. Organize laboratory for chemistry courses.
  3. Prepare materials needed in chemistry lab courses in undergraduate level
  4. Grade lab reports, design quizzes and practical exams for the lab sections assigned.
  5. Enforce laboratory safety procedures.
  6. Assist in administrative services
  7. Other duties as assigned by the Head of Department.


  1. BSc in Chemistry and MSc in Biochemistry or related subjects from reputable University.
  2. Experience in chemistry laboratory duties and management at university (academic) level for at least 5 years.
  3. Administrative experience in duties related to chemical safety and lab facilities.
  4. Familiar with Educational technologies used in higher education sector
  5. Familiar with teaching undergraduate laboratories
  6. Awareness of working with people from diverse backgrounds
  7. Bilingual (English/Arabic) is preferred.

Required Documents


  1. Current Curriculum Vitae
  2. Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  3. Research Plan
  4. Contact details of three referees’ contact information (physical and email addresses as well their telephones contact).
  5. Academic transcript of the Highest Qualification
  6. Any additional documentation deemed relevant to the application



  1. A three-year renewable contract.
  2. Salary is commensurate with experience.
  3. Tax-free salary.
  4. Furnished accommodation in accordance with QU HR policies.
  5. Annual air tickets for faculty member and dependents in accordance with QU HR policies.
  6. Educational allowance for candidate's children (eligible candidates only) in accordance with QU HR policies.
  7. Private health care and health insurance in accordance with QU HR policies.
  8. Annual leave in accordance with QU HR policies.
  9. End-of-contract indemnity.

How To Apply

New Applicant: You need to setup an account with QU Recruitment Online website (https://careers.qu.edu.qa) and complete your personal profile. Once your profile is complete you may use it to apply for an open Position.

For further information about the role send an email to abdulilah.baniyaseen@qu.edu.qa

Job Category: Academic
End Date of Advertisment: 01-Nov-2022

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