Effective Products to Help
You Recruit the Best Phds
Single Job Postings
Post a job for up to 60 days and receive unlimited text to list your entire ad.
  • Your job appears live on PhdJobs within 30 minutes
  • Choose from 240+ job categories to precisely target your job ad
  • Each postings averages 5,500 searches and 320 views
  • Receive E-mailed statistics showing your job's performance
  • Your job appears on the #1 job board exclusively for Phds

Job Packs
Buy a pack of 2 or more jobs and receive huge savings! Larger job packs receive larger discounts.
  • Post your jobs today or anytime within next 12 months
  • Save up to 70% off the regular single posting rate
  • Orders processed within 30 minutes
  • Includes a free employer account to manage your postings

Unlimited Job Posting Plan
Advertise an unlimited number of Phd jobs for your entire campus, laboratory, or corporation over the next 12 months on the leading website that is exclusively for professionals who hold Phds. Our Unlimited Plan ensures that your jobs will reach more 1.2 million professionals who visit our job board during the next 12 months.

Automated "Job Mirror" Posting Services
With the Automated Job Posting Service, PhdJobs will create a direct feed with your employment page or integrate with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Then, any job you post, edit, or delete to your internal system will be automatically updated on PhdJobs.
  • Saves staff time and energy
  • "Hands Free Management" of your job postings
  • Frees up your time to concentrate on other important work
  • Customizable to post only the jobs you want

Front Page "Prestige" Banner Ad
Need to recruit and hire candidates for your high-level or most important job openings? Give those jobs the "Prestige" and prominence they deserve with PhdJobs Front Page Prestige Ad. The Phd Prestige Ad includes a full-color front page display ad, and a fully-customized job posting showcasing your institution's logo, colors, and pictures of your institution. Prestige Ads look like a full page print display ad. But unlike a print ad, Prestige Ads give you affordability, convenience, and precise digital tracking results to know exactly how many times your ad is searched, clicked, viewed. Our award-winning design team creates the ad for you, for no extra charge.
  • Prestige Ads are guaranteed to appear in searches at least 150,000 times
  • Job posting customized with your institution's branding for the lifetime of the posting
  • Includes a Free Featured Job Upgrade
  • Prestige Ads, on average, receive 5 times more application clicks than a standard job postings